Always one step ahead - always ahead of our customers' expectations

Trouw Nutrition Deutschland GmbH is located in Burgheim north of Munich/Bavaria and was founded in 1954 by Trouw.


Dedicated to the home mixing market we are strong in innovation and consulting for feed to food solutions.

With the brand names MILKIVIT and SKRETTING our products like milkreplacer, mineral feed, piglet feed, diet products and fish feed are well-known and have a good position in the German market.


The continuous development of our products and feeding concepts in cooperation with our customers is and has always been decisive for our success.

The global team work between the single Nutreco companies in research and development is a key factor for a leading market position not only in Germany.


Today and in the future Trouw Nutrition Deutschland GmbH is going to maintain its position as leader in innovation in Germany and Europe.