Milkivit - Histroy

Timeline of important events in our company history

2012 Introduction of our sustainability strategy
2011 New construction and extension of storage capacity
2010 DLG silver medal and dlv innovation award for Milki CalFix®
2006 DLG silver medal for Milkra Immunstart®
2005 Barcoding (product identification and traceability)
2004 50 years of MILKIVIT - company anniversary
2003 HACCP-Certification
2002 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, QS und A-Futter;
Renaming of Trouvit into Skretting
2001 Modernisation of the mineralfeed factory
2000 dlv innovation award for AktiVITA®-Complex
1999 Renaming into Trouw Nutrition Deutschland GmbH
1996 Construction of a new production facility for milkreplacer
1994 Formation of Nutreco
1984 Opening of the new mineralfeed facility
1966 Construction of a new milkreplacer facility in Burgheim
Formation of the Trouw GmbH
1954 Selling products for farm animals, fish and pets under the name of MILKIVIT and TROUVIT